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How to remove Shellac Nail Polish

May 10th, 2011 • Posted by Bobbi Jo O'Neal • Permalink



At Simply Your Spa we use CND's Shellac products which we are able to remove easily and timely. However, if you have another brand of shellac type polish on your nails it will take many steps and more time to remove.

Due to the time it takes to remove another brand's shellac we may need to charge a fee for removing it. To save time and money you can remove it prior to your next manicure. Here are the steps:


How to remove Axxium shellac or any other brand.

What you need:

Pure Acetone**

Glass or ceramic bowl

Orange wood stick or cuticle pusher*

Boomerang file(180/100 grit)*

Yellow block buffer*

Cuticle Oil*

Sugar Scrub*

Moisturizing Lotion*

Paper towels

Plastic bags

News papers

* Available at Simply Your Spa ** Please cover the area you are working on!! Acetone will at through finishes on wood and plastic! You may use newspapers and hand towels.


1.Take your 180/100 grit boomerang nail file and buff off top coat of polish.

2.Pour pure acetone in glass or ceramic bowl (only enough to cover fingertips).

3.Place one hand in acetone (let soak for 10 min) with other hand take orange wood stick or cuticle pusher and push polish off nail bed (do not remove hand from acetone, do this process while fingertips are still submerged in acetone). You will start to see polish come off like little flakes. Do this process until all polish is removed.

4.Repeat steps on other hand.

5.Once you have removed all polish, you may clip and shape nails as needed or come to Simply Your Spa and we will take it from here. Your nail beds may be a little ruff to the touch from the removal of polish.

6. Take a yellow block buffer and buff away any unsmoothed surfaces.

7. Next take cuticle oil and rub into nail beds. If fingertips become too dehydrated from acetone use a sugar scrub (like our One-Minute Manicure) on dry hands concentrating on the cuticle areas and fingertips (rub in gently for 1 min.) rinse off scrub, and dry hands completely before applying moisturizer.

8. When you are done with your set up you may let the acetone evaporate completely out of the bowl and clean out the polish left behind,or take paper towels to soak up acetone and place in a doubled plastic bag for disposal. Do not discard down the drain!

9. Make your appointment at Simply Your Spa for fresh Shellac to be put on. Then you are set for another two weeks with beautiful perfect nails.

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